Ordsall Trust have just received Lottery funding to hold an event at Ordsall Hall on

Sunday 11th September 2016 celebrating the Battle of Agincourt 600 years ago. This will be from the perspective of how the Tudors would have celebrated the centenary at the hall in the sixteenth century.


In the lead up to the event free workshops have been organised at Ordsall Hall St Clements church and Ordsall Community Cafe. These will be drop in sessions in keeping with present life styles. We are hoping local people will join in and be proud of their local heritage and the contribution this area made to the battle. Children who must be accompanied by an adult will be encouraged to take part in these sessions with hands on experience making Tudor textiles and learning how everyday items were made in those different times. They will be able to take home the things they have made.


On the day itself there will be archery and falconry displays, street theatre, a craft tent, a hog roast and many other side shows. All will be in Tudor dress to give an insight into how the people 500 years ago would have celebrated the centenary of the success of this very important battle. This battle was won with the prowess of the archers of the day who through daily practice with this weapon were second to none in defeating the enemy.


Further information is available on the Ordsall Trust website. Flyers will be available at Ordsall Park festival on 23rd of July.


Street theatre workshops, St Clements church. Ordsall


Thursday 18th , Friday 19th , Monday 22nd , Tuesday 23rd ,

Wednesday 24th , Thursday 25th , Friday 26th , Tuesday 30th , Wednesday 31st

August and Thursday 1st September, 1pm-6pm


Tudor fabrics workshops . Ordsall Hall. Ordsall


Monday 25th of July 10.30-12.00 - 1.00-3.00

Monday 1st of August 10.30-12.00 - 1.00-3.00

Monday 8th of August 10.30-12.00 - 1.00-3.00

Monday 15th of August 10.30-12.00 - 1.00-3.00

Monday 22nd of August 10.30-12.00 - 1.00-3.00



Tudor / Artisan crafts


Saturday 23rd of July 12.00 – 5.00 Ordsall Park

Tuesday 26th of July 10.00 – 12.00 Ordsall community cafe

Tuesday 26th of July 2.00-5.00 St Clements Church. Ordsall

Wednesday 27th of July 10.00-12.00 St Clements church. Ordsall

Wednesday 27th of July 4.00-6.00 Ordsall Community cafe

Thursday 28th of 10.00-12.00 & 1.00-3.00 Ordsall Community Arts

Friday 29th of July 10.00-12.00 & 1.00-3.00 St Clements Church


All children must be accompanied by an adult